Mahogany Teakwood-Single Wick Candle Fragrance Note:

    • Rich mahogany
    • Black teakwood
    • Dark oak
    • Frosted lavender
  • Overview: The Bath & Body Works Mahogany Teakwood Single Wick Candle evokes the rugged charm of a flannel-clad hike through the woods. Its fragrance combines the warmth of rich mahogany, the earthiness of black teakwood, the depth of dark oak, and a touch of frosted lavender. Light this candle to fill any room with beautiful, long-lasting fragrance. Crafted from an exclusively fragranced soy wax blend, it features quality lead-free wicks and comes with a decorative lid. Enjoy approximately 30-50 hours of burn time. A perfect gift or a delightful addition to your own space!