Mango Mai Tai Mason-Single Wick Candle Fragrance Note:

  • Sweet Mandarin: A burst of citrusy freshness reminiscent of tropical paradise.
  • Island Mango: Juicy and exotic, this note adds a tropical twist to the fragrance.
  • Sea Salt: A subtle hint of ocean breeze, grounding the fruity elements.

Overview: The Bath & Body Works Mango Mai Tai Mason Single Wick Candle invites you to escape to an idyllic beachside retreat. With its delightful blend of sweet mandarin, island mango, and a touch of sea salt, this candle fills any room with a beautiful, long-lasting fragrance. Crafted from an exclusively fragranced soy wax blend, it comes in a charming mason jar with a twist-on lid. Light it up, close your eyes, and let the tropical vibes transport you to sun-kissed shores. Perfect for creating a relaxing ambiance or as a thoughtful gift for someone who loves the essence of paradise.