Extravagantly sprinkle or delicately spritz your number one aroma, whichever way you’ll fall head over heels at first fog! Our painstakingly created bottle and refined siphon convey incredible inclusion while molding aloe fog supports skin for the lightest, most invigorating approach to aroma! : A searing mix of ruby red pomegranate, blackberry flavor, and shimmering cassis. Featured discussions: Ruby Red Pomegranate, Sparkling Cassis, White Jasmine, Blackberry Spice, Patchouli. We are an immediate merchant of items like Bath and Body Works, Victoria’s Secret, and More from the USA ensured bona fide,


we have confirmation of procurement straightforwardly from the store!

  • 100% authentic
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  • 24/7 services
  • COD is available all over Pakistan

1 review for BBW Midnight Pomegranate Fine Fragrance Body Mist

  1. TS

    Super quick delivery. Authentic products. Excellent customer service!

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