Victoria’s Secret Wicked Dreamer is made out of lychee. The dull, woody heartfelt aroma commends wild visionaries and spiritualist sentiment. Spritz on a bit and immediately add charming style and pizazz to your life.

Product Description:

Spiritualist sentiment. Wild visionaries. This restricted release aroma assortment investigates the dull and woody scent pattern. A piece of The Mist Collection, commending notes we’re fixated on and arising scent patterns we need to investigate. The ideal method to add a fly of style to your aroma closet.


?Mist over body after shower or shower for carefully scented skin or

?Spritz over skin for an aroma sational approach to scent the entire day!


?Keep in cool region, out of direct warmth.


  • Original cap has hole inside
  • Bar codes available for each product
  • Sale price
  • Fast delivery
  • 24/7 services
  • COD is available to all over Pakistan


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